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SoundID Reference supported headphones - Sonarworks

SoundID Reference contains more than 400 profiles for the most popular studio headphone models. If your headphones aren’t on the list, you can submit a headphone request or send your headphones to us for individual calibration.

SoundID Reference supported headphones - Sonarworks
The main purpose of great sound translation is delivering the artist’s exact intent to the listener.Sound ID Reference delivers consistently accurate studio reference sound across all speakers and headphones so you can mix with confidence and make music that sounds great everywhere.We have provided multiple upgrade options for customers who already own a Reference 3 or Reference 4 license.Here you can find out all details about upgrade options https:// To try out speaker calibration you will need a measurement microphone.You can buy the measurement microphone from our store or use your it's eq to make flat as possible headphones (they have profiles calibrated out of the box, for most of the popular headphones)I've used rme babyface hd600 (and few beyers and superlux)and due to sonarworks this helps me with deep low-end (60hz) (hd600),or tame trebles on superluxeq profile: god, they sound perfect right now, I'm speechless, I want to dedicate this post to non-believers to at least try, I knew about this many years before, but now I'm in love, please at least give a shot, I'm more than surprisedps. A lot like how a professional photographer would use a monitor calibration tool to display accurate colours.

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